Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ooooh, I found a yummy spot!

So, we left off that I was in Portland...but Waldo has found a new super super home spot...Santa Rosa, Cali. A little busier than I prefer - but the weather, the people...good stuff!

A snapshot update...

Work - I took a part-time position with this Bay Area start up - LOVE the owner - he is a really cool dude - and the other people I am working with are great, too - including a Kiwi! We are still in our 'trial' month - determining if we are a fit,

it is working out great so far (see pics of the office) is a FREEZING warehouse, though, so that is the only really nada-happy thing for me - it is getting better - yesterday was the first day I took my coat off!!

A video on the primary product:

Home - I am renting a place right behind True North (the health clinic I am volunteering at - the primary reason I chose Santa Rosa) - super cute place - AND True North is renting my extra room for their interns - so, I will get Natural Hygiene smarties staying here - yip yip! There are great bike trails out my door - and I have been walking/running the neighborhood almost daily.

I have fully furnished my place through Craigslist and Thrift so many
great deals - my couch was $15 (IKEA $300 couch) - my treadmill was only $50 for those cold mornings! My lamps, pillows, stands, vacuum, blender and so much more I got from a garage sale for $1/ea...always fun!

Volunteering - I started volunteering at True North - such great energy there! - really, really wonderful people. It is a VERY busy place - lots of things happening - currently and on the horizon. I look forward to my adventure here - I will be volunteering 3x per week initially...

I am also volunteering at a thrift shop that benefits the is a really cool thrift store - great prices, great stuff and a dedicated clientele! PLUS, some kitties are at the store so I can play with them as much as I want!

My Social Life - while I tend to meet people easily, I haven't made much of an effort as I have been trying to get my basic needs situated. I have a feeling True North will make up the core of my social circle here - as well, I was at a Garage Sale and this gal looks at me and says, 'I feel I am supposed to tell you about the Center for Spiritual Living'...I love things like effort, all flow! I looked it up and it is a HUGE, very cool community here in town...there are lots of raw and/or vegan potlucks in the step at a time. An abundance of options!

The produce here...AMAZING - it is really the belly of the world! The prices...amazing. I have foraged tangelos, lemons and persimmons so far - and it is Dec/Jan! The greens are sooo sweet and the celery - mwah!

My Furry Dude - he is settling in - he loves the treadmill - and my desk (of course)...I am sure he will love to have more people around so he can show off. As I write this, he is laying on his back looking up at me...

Love ya all!