Friday, August 26, 2011

And so she writes...

My stop in New Mexico...was mind blowing...for a number of reasons - I will just let the pictures tell the story for you, tho.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The US is truly a melting pot of culture...

Hi All!

This summer has been full of abundance - lots of healing, lots of wonderful food, lots of great work experience AND lots of LOVING new friends...makes me smile, smile, smile.

The final shebang of my East Coast Adventure was the Woodstock Fruit Festival - Wow, what a trip! I was surrounded by my fruitie friends - and it was perfect in every way! CRAZY amounts of fruit - I mean CRAZY! My daily water was coconut water (yum!) - I ate dessert (Durian) all day long - I attended lecture after lecture gaining super fabu info from founders in this movement - all the while, creating a growing community of fruitie friends...perfecto.

This past summer was absolutely delightful staying at Arnold's from Arnold's Way Cafe...a mix of stability, routine and chaos - and everything in between...I feel SO blessed to have had this experience - and yet also look forward to the next step in my journey...finding my home spot, growing my own food and creating a wonderful, vibrant community around me.
(another beautiful picture of Amish Country, PA.)

Today - I started my drive back West...which I initially planned as a bee-line trip back to Oregon (think, Wisconsin, IL, etc). Now it has turned into, 'hmmm...I have always wondered what x [insert random town] is like - since I am out here, I might as well stop there!

I am guessing the trip will take around 12 I would like to be back in Sunriver for Labor Day - we shall see. I will take extra time, if so called.
(my cozy bed for the next 2 weeks - the back seat of my car!)

I am currently sitting in a DARLING Co-op in Lexington, Virgina - wow - what a cool town. I thought you had to go to Europe and spruce up on another language to get this kind of quaintness...oh, how wrong I was. Here in the US, especially on the East Coast, I am finding that we are BLESSED beyond - with a little of everything...a true melting pot. If you want to visit anywhere in the world, you can likely get the same vibe somewhere in the US...I don't believe any other country can make such a claim - what a gift to live here!

Love you all...

Joy - here is a pic in my tiny room at Arnolds - on a VERY hot day!!