Friday, June 10, 2011

From Portland to Austin to Omega to Philly!!! Whew!

The adventure continues, of course...I am guessing now people would expect nothing less from me. And yet, I can still dream of a simple, on-path, stable, full (with fruit) life where I could sleep in a really nice, cool tree house - and eat papayas from my yard. Hmmm...Hawaii? One day at a time.

Okay, back on track.

So, here is the nutshell - strap in:

May 4th - flew from Portland to Austin - bought a car - unloaded my storage unit into my car (how come 5x5 SOUNDS like so much less than it truly is??)

Buy a car...well, did I buy a car or a lemon? I am still not clear on that one...oh wait, I am crystal clear - grateful, though, that it got me to right where I am today. By the time I got to Dallas...yes, Dallas is only 3 hours from Austin - and remember we are going 10-20x that?!?! My transmission..poof.

Sooo, I drive to the NE while praying the entire time - any bump in the road sent my heart to my stomach...not stressful at all. ;-) Slow and steady, went 40 up slight grades with my flashing lights on...super. I was even pulled over by Officer Friendly to make sure all was dandy.

HOWEVER, I got to Omega...yippee!! I spent 3 delightful weeks with WONDERFUL people - I mean seriously crazy wonderful!! There is only one way to describe Omega - Adult Summer Camp...with an extra dose of spirituality thrown in.

While at Omega, I had some challenges...errr opportunities. Nutshell - camping was the only option - and it was wet - AND I had 2 tick scares...and then...are you ready? They only had oranges, grapefruit, mealy apples and bananas. Those that know me get the last sentence.

Bottomline, food and shelter? Boo.

1:30AM while soaking wet in my tent, I decided to go research my 'options'. Low and behold - Arnold from Arnold's Way was looking for a roommate. I have been wanting to visit him - didn't think living at his place was an option - but the Universe hears do realize this, yes? It's cool and scary at the same time.

Sooo, here I am at Arnolds - parking it for the summer. Glad to be here - and looking forward to more adventure - been here a week and it has already been great fun with some deep soul work mixed in. I am here determining my next step in life...where my path leads me. Arnold and I are helping each other with this next step - and it is a good place for me right now.

As Arnold always says to me - 'EVERY moment is a loving caring moment. Do you know what that means? EVERY moment is a loving caring moment.' A hoot.

Love and smooches!