Saturday, February 12, 2011

Being 'On Path'....

What does it mean to be 'on path'? It is like the word love - hard to describe but I know it when it it happening...

I feel it is my soul journey to simply find my path and then keep close to it as much as possible..the swaying around it is part of the experience. At times, I feel so far from it - the cool part is it only takes a 'clicking of the heels' to return.

How does one find their path? This is the MOST fun part...dream - dream - dream...journal and simply dream the perfect scenario - even (especially) if it seems completely out there. If it makes us feel the expression, 'oh yeah!' or 'FABULOSITY', then we are on right on path!!

The key in our current world is to let go of the details - to not worry about how we will get to our path and/or point our nose in our dream direction...because it will happen no matter what if we simply continue to dream.

Have you done some dreaming lately?