Tuesday, November 8, 2011

When fantasy and priorities merge!!

So....I am back in Portland now - great to be here. What a wonderful trip - so much clarity and exploration and natural beauty!
It became very clear towards the end of my trip that moving to Hawaii would be very upstream and based on pure fantasy. It does not line up with all that is most important to me at this point in my life. This clarity is such a gift. I never say never - for now, I am quite clear that I am meant to stay on the West Coast...

I am looking at moving to Northern Cali - I am going back to Cali, Cali, Cali...going back to Cali. After all, I spent my first year of life there! I am really drawn, and have been for a while, to being near True North Health Center. Dr. Goldhammer is on the cutting edge of Natural Hygiene and healing through natural modalities...it is my goal to volunteer there (they don't know this yet!) I know volunteering at a place like this - with an already built in NH community - oooh, that sounds fabulous. To me, that sounds even better than picking coconuts every day! Can you imagine?? It is about making a difference - doing some good in the world - helping people - surrounding myself with like minded peeps making things happen...

The journey continues. Hawaii is an amazing place - a bubble on the planet - there is no perfect spot, I have determined. It is about lining up my dreams and my priorities in the moment...creating a nice harmony and balance. And, of course, smiling often. ;-)


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Exploring Hawaii....first stop - Maui

Wow – what a place – papayas, coconuts and longan, oh my! So far this has been a perfectly insightful and wonderful trip. I have had moments when I question a move as there are issues here (like everywhere). Yet, I leave Maui tomorrow feeling I am supposed to be somewhere on the islands.

My trip started at my dear, childhood friend Amy’s in San Francisco – it was so great to see her, John and Baxter. A perfect stopover – while short, it was fulfilling and fun!! The next morning I drove to the airport ready for my adventure.

My flight to Hawaii arrived 40 minutes early – super smooth and easy – now THAT is the way to start a trip!! I had to trek along a back road (with my luggage) to get to my Maui commuter flight. Once there, I had 2 hours to kill and met these wonderful ladies – also heading to Maui AND from Oregon…so, of course, we started chatting. ANDDDD, they were car sleepers, too!!! Told me all their secrets for both islands – yeehaw! One of the gals was contemplating a move – it was her 13th visit so clearly she has some commitment issues around this move – haha!

The Maui bound plane ride was stomach churning…and I found out later from the rental car agency that the airline I chose was notorious for ‘making people puke’ – his words, not mine…however, I get it! A little Cessna is always an adventure for me and my fear of heights – had to close my eyes a few times, breath deep and belt out a few ‘oh dear Lord’s. Not too bad, though. ;-)

Picked up my car and started perusing Kahului…didn’t realize they had a Whole Foods…you think they are Whole Paycheck in mainland??? Try Maui style! I like the general vibe of the town (people-wise) – while crazy busy and concrete-esk, it has everything anyone could ever want – 2 great natural food stores (in addition to Whole Foods) – which both had cheaper prepared raw foods than back in Oregon. I know I wouldn’t live in this town – yet it is nice to know that all the conveniences of mainland are only 20-30 minutes away from any town I would want to live in.

I was eager to sniff out some of the locations I was considering and dove right in!! I went to Kihei first. I was also looking for farm stands (duh!)…and voila, coconuts ALL over the side of the road! Screech! There was a lot of bustle in this stand – and a seat by this one with 3 coconuts in front of her. I decided to park it next to her and hang out for a bit...patiently waiting for the owner to cut me open a coconut. Of course, I started chatting with this gal (a local)…and we kept chatting…and chatting. About an hour later, she turns to me and says, ‘I have a proposition for you…I have a studio you can stay in – if you can help me clean the main home’. HELLO!?!?!! With no hesitation, I blurted, ‘yes, yes, yes!’ So, that was the start of my fabulous stay in Maui…Kalista has been such an incredible host and Nassa has been our daily coconut guy. I am so grateful to both of them….

Kalista’s home is amazing…here is the view from the Lanai – and then their orchard – so many yummy foods!

The last few days I have spent hanging with her – cleaning – eating/drinking coconuts (she swears by them for healing!) I am now a bit addicted to them (and the papayas)…having 3 a day!

I have been driving around a lot looking at spots I might want to live – and my preference is ‘upcountry’ – around 1000-2000 in elevation.

Most are very laid back communities – and feel spot on for me. Today I found my favorite one on Maui – a cute town called Haiku. It might be too small to start in…looking at all of my options.

I have also partaken in many of the required Maui activities…a Maui sunset –

Helluuuurrrr!!!! This morning I also took a 2 hour walk on the beach…it was really beautiful and refreshing!!

While I haven’t been to the Big Island yet, I feel I have a really good handle on ‘life on Maui’. I am looking forward to seeing how Hilo compares with Maui. Everyone on Maui swears by Maui (they have all lived on other islands.) We shall see!

While this is long, it is actually a really a brief summary!! In each town I have visited, I have had great moments of fun. I would say that Kihei, Makawao and Haiku are the front runners. Tomorrow opens up a whole new island, though, so one step in front of the other!


Friday, August 26, 2011

And so she writes...

My stop in New Mexico...was mind blowing...for a number of reasons - I will just let the pictures tell the story for you, tho.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The US is truly a melting pot of culture...

Hi All!

This summer has been full of abundance - lots of healing, lots of wonderful food, lots of great work experience AND lots of LOVING new friends...makes me smile, smile, smile.

The final shebang of my East Coast Adventure was the Woodstock Fruit Festival - Wow, what a trip! I was surrounded by my fruitie friends - and it was perfect in every way! CRAZY amounts of fruit - I mean CRAZY! My daily water was coconut water (yum!) - I ate dessert (Durian) all day long - I attended lecture after lecture gaining super fabu info from founders in this movement - all the while, creating a growing community of fruitie friends...perfecto.

This past summer was absolutely delightful staying at Arnold's from Arnold's Way Cafe...a mix of stability, routine and chaos - and everything in between...I feel SO blessed to have had this experience - and yet also look forward to the next step in my journey...finding my home spot, growing my own food and creating a wonderful, vibrant community around me.
(another beautiful picture of Amish Country, PA.)

Today - I started my drive back West...which I initially planned as a bee-line trip back to Oregon (think, Wisconsin, IL, etc). Now it has turned into, 'hmmm...I have always wondered what x [insert random town] is like - since I am out here, I might as well stop there!

I am guessing the trip will take around 12 days...as I would like to be back in Sunriver for Labor Day - we shall see. I will take extra time, if so called.
(my cozy bed for the next 2 weeks - the back seat of my car!)

I am currently sitting in a DARLING Co-op in Lexington, Virgina - wow - what a cool town. I thought you had to go to Europe and spruce up on another language to get this kind of quaintness...oh, how wrong I was. Here in the US, especially on the East Coast, I am finding that we are BLESSED beyond - with a little of everything...a true melting pot. If you want to visit anywhere in the world, you can likely get the same vibe somewhere in the US...I don't believe any other country can make such a claim - what a gift to live here!

Love you all...

Joy - here is a pic in my tiny room at Arnolds - on a VERY hot day!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

East Coast, West Coast and the Middle...

Sooo, now that I have had a little taste of all three, I will do a most obnoxious generalization of all three – fun fun! If you don’t like generalizations, now is the time to close your eyes. ;-)

Living just outside of Philly, I feel ‘close’ to everything. The radio talks about NJ traffic – the people go to ‘The shore’ – or into the city (NY) for a play…just seems like state lines are simply streets (that’s a whole ‘nother’ blog posting). Philly trumps the West and Texas in that regard…trumps is putting it mildly. Although, Portland gets a shout out for being 20 from Vancouver – whoop whoop!

Growing up on the West Coast, I can say without a shadow of a doubt (gawd, now I sound like a politician) that recycling is in my BLOOD… deep in the roots. It is painful to throw away plastic. And yet, West Coasters? Make sure you are sitting..everyone ‘else’ seems to toss their plastic. Austin was pretty good with recycling because Austin is really Portland in ‘The Middle’. I secretly hope that the garbage people separate the ‘stuff’ when they haul it away…I can dream. Finding a place to recycle has been a challenge for me out East – and likely because I am in a smaller town. Thank goodness for Whole Foods because I load up their bins regularly. But what about my batteries??

Smoking…a random note here – people smoke more out here than Texas than Oregon…in that order. Nuff said.

Biking…do I really need to answer this one? Yeah, Oregon rocks…Austin takes a distant second thanks to Lance (a pretty big distance, actually).

Mass transit…East Coast…sorry Westers and Middlers – but the Easters have this one down – the train is a block away from my home…and I ‘think’ I could go to NYC – I am sure I could get there eventually. The train reminds me so much of Europe. The click, click, click…a fabulous sound. I must say when they start to honk a lot, I picture a turtle crossing or something…and that is a bit bothersome. Doesn’t help that a friend here told me she had to move a turtle off the tracks once…oye.

Critters around the hood…okay, Lansdale wins my heart – know why? Their squirrels (They have those, too) – but the bunny rabbit is the squirrel in my hood – how cool is that? I walk outside and they are hopping everywhere…kind of feels like a fairy tale or sumtin.

Freeways…I am so stumped out here. There are so many middle of the road freeways...you know, those ones that just end randomly or are stopped up for miles or you have to pay to get on them (tolls are another thing - cost me $30+ to drive to NY yesterday - almost more than gas!)

Organic Produce…Well, Austin is the best price wise (thanks to Mexico) – Oregon is the best selection wise…and Lansdale doesn’t hit the map. The farmer’s market by my work is one stand and I swear they go buy the produce from the grocery store (non-organic) and add a slight fee…kind of funny actually – we all have to start somewhere.

History…probably don’t need to address this one either. When I first saw 1718 on a home out here, I had to double check that it wasn’t the address. There be some old buildings out here. Surrounding my work are these cobblestone streets – it feels so incredibly ancient, European and wonderful. I think we only see cobblestone in modern subdivisions out West. ;-)

People. They are all wonderful everywhere I go….they can be anything from moody, happy, sad, mad, cranky, funny, goofy, lifeless all the way to super hilarious peeps…this is true for every place I have ever been! I find that regardless of the ‘stuff’ listed above – the people are complete mirrors to my mood n the moment…if I want to change my experience, I just need to change my mood. It’s like magic.

So, there is my summation. Life in Lansdale is really nice – I am LOVING this routine – I am really enjoying my job – and also loving the people I am surrounded by (especially Arnold and his Peeps –Michelle, Megan, Maya, Shaie, Wesley, Elliot…the list is long – Arnold has a big fan base. ;-)) I am so grateful for this opportunity and am continuing to grow and figure out what the heck I am doing on this planet. What a concept.

Love you all!

Friday, June 10, 2011

From Portland to Austin to Omega to Philly!!! Whew!

The adventure continues, of course...I am guessing now people would expect nothing less from me. And yet, I can still dream of a simple, on-path, stable, full (with fruit) life where I could sleep in a really nice, cool tree house - and eat papayas from my yard. Hmmm...Hawaii? One day at a time.

Okay, back on track.

So, here is the nutshell - strap in:

May 4th - flew from Portland to Austin - bought a car - unloaded my storage unit into my car (how come 5x5 SOUNDS like so much less than it truly is??)

Buy a car...well, did I buy a car or a lemon? I am still not clear on that one...oh wait, I am crystal clear - grateful, though, that it got me to right where I am today. By the time I got to Dallas...yes, Dallas is only 3 hours from Austin - and remember we are going 10-20x that?!?! My transmission..poof.

Sooo, I drive to the NE while praying the entire time - any bump in the road sent my heart to my stomach...not stressful at all. ;-) Slow and steady, went 40 up slight grades with my flashing lights on...super. I was even pulled over by Officer Friendly to make sure all was dandy.

HOWEVER, I got to Omega...yippee!! I spent 3 delightful weeks with WONDERFUL people - I mean seriously crazy wonderful!! There is only one way to describe Omega - Adult Summer Camp...with an extra dose of spirituality thrown in.

While at Omega, I had some challenges...errr opportunities. Nutshell - camping was the only option - and it was wet - AND I had 2 tick scares...and then...are you ready? They only had oranges, grapefruit, mealy apples and bananas. Those that know me get the last sentence.

Bottomline, food and shelter? Boo.

1:30AM while soaking wet in my tent, I decided to go research my 'options'. Low and behold - Arnold from Arnold's Way was looking for a roommate. I have been wanting to visit him - didn't think living at his place was an option - but the Universe hears everything...you do realize this, yes? It's cool and scary at the same time.

Sooo, here I am at Arnolds - parking it for the summer. Glad to be here - and looking forward to more adventure - been here a week and it has already been great fun with some deep soul work mixed in. I am here determining my next step in life...where my path leads me. Arnold and I are helping each other with this next step - and it is a good place for me right now.

As Arnold always says to me - 'EVERY moment is a loving caring moment. Do you know what that means? EVERY moment is a loving caring moment.' A hoot.

Love and smooches!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Being 'On Path'....

What does it mean to be 'on path'? It is like the word love - hard to describe but I know it when it it happening...

I feel it is my soul journey to simply find my path and then keep close to it as much as possible..the swaying around it is part of the experience. At times, I feel so far from it - the cool part is it only takes a 'clicking of the heels' to return.

How does one find their path? This is the MOST fun part...dream - dream - dream...journal and simply dream the perfect scenario - even (especially) if it seems completely out there. If it makes us feel the expression, 'oh yeah!' or 'FABULOSITY', then we are on right on path!!

The key in our current world is to let go of the details - to not worry about how we will get to our path and/or point our nose in our dream direction...because it will happen no matter what if we simply continue to dream.

Have you done some dreaming lately?