Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Let's face it....

I am COLDDDDDDDDDDDDD!! Brr...cold....did I mention cold? Yeah, frizzin. It is supposed to be 20 degrees tonight - and truthfully, I am not smiling (okay, I am in the pic).

Whew! Got that out of my system!

I was talking to a friend tonight and came to the conclusion that it is not so much the cold but it is the lack of connection with people. Somehow being indoors and running to my car and covering my face and body - well, I feel a sense of disconnect..it seems to accentuate it for me.

I wonder if I had people to hug and snuggle with - if I would feel differently - if maybe I would embrace the cold as a chance to just sit in someone's arms for a really unreasonable amount of time...I wonder.

The need for human touch is powerful - or heck any kind of touch...there are studies that show animals do not survive without touch from another. How can we be any different?

So, reach out and touch someone - give hugs freely - especially to those whom might be going home to an empty home (either literally or emotionally).


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