Tuesday, November 16, 2010

And I can breathe in a small town...JC

So, here I am - in Corvallis, Oregon...oh delight.

This town is so full of 'perfection' for me right now...the pace, the traffic, the groups, the options...it is all perfect - IN FACT, I could probably go smaller...but we aren't going there..yet!

I am working part-time for a delightful CPA firm - full of sweet, kind, funny people. I ride my bike to work - and on the way home, go by neighborhoods where people leave bags of apples out on the sidewalk for passers-by.

I sure enjoyed fig, apple and pear season here - and now we enter winter (we still have persimmon season - in a week!)...I can see it being just as lovely...maybe not as food abundant - but that is okay - the rest is worth the 'gap'.

I have also noticed that even though we are knee deep in rainy season, there always seems to be a day or two with no rain. In fact, I was pretty certain I wouldn't bike to work this week - and then today - blue sky...fun. I do need a face/robbers mask cuz it's chill-aye, Christmas list. ;-)

Simple living suits me very well - some highlights:

** The nature trail right outside my doorstep - a mile of up and down hill terrain and ALL nature - think, 'Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe!'

** Biking to work = 5 minutes, biking to town = 5 minutes...lots of singing.

** 2 Co-ops

** Abundance of farms, springs and farmer's markets

** No traffic!!!

** Sweet, friendly people - and no one EVER seems to be in a hurry...they all like to chat!

Just good fun...

Love and happiness!

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