Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Let's face it....

I am COLDDDDDDDDDDDDD!! Brr...cold....did I mention cold? Yeah, frizzin. It is supposed to be 20 degrees tonight - and truthfully, I am not smiling (okay, I am in the pic).

Whew! Got that out of my system!

I was talking to a friend tonight and came to the conclusion that it is not so much the cold but it is the lack of connection with people. Somehow being indoors and running to my car and covering my face and body - well, I feel a sense of disconnect..it seems to accentuate it for me.

I wonder if I had people to hug and snuggle with - if I would feel differently - if maybe I would embrace the cold as a chance to just sit in someone's arms for a really unreasonable amount of time...I wonder.

The need for human touch is powerful - or heck any kind of touch...there are studies that show animals do not survive without touch from another. How can we be any different?

So, reach out and touch someone - give hugs freely - especially to those whom might be going home to an empty home (either literally or emotionally).


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

And I can breathe in a small town...JC

So, here I am - in Corvallis, Oregon...oh delight.

This town is so full of 'perfection' for me right now...the pace, the traffic, the groups, the options...it is all perfect - IN FACT, I could probably go smaller...but we aren't going there..yet!

I am working part-time for a delightful CPA firm - full of sweet, kind, funny people. I ride my bike to work - and on the way home, go by neighborhoods where people leave bags of apples out on the sidewalk for passers-by.

I sure enjoyed fig, apple and pear season here - and now we enter winter (we still have persimmon season - in a week!)...I can see it being just as lovely...maybe not as food abundant - but that is okay - the rest is worth the 'gap'.

I have also noticed that even though we are knee deep in rainy season, there always seems to be a day or two with no rain. In fact, I was pretty certain I wouldn't bike to work this week - and then today - blue sky...fun. I do need a face/robbers mask cuz it's chill-aye, Christmas list. ;-)

Simple living suits me very well - some highlights:

** The nature trail right outside my doorstep - a mile of up and down hill terrain and ALL nature - think, 'Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe!'

** Biking to work = 5 minutes, biking to town = 5 minutes...lots of singing.

** 2 Co-ops

** Abundance of farms, springs and farmer's markets

** No traffic!!!

** Sweet, friendly people - and no one EVER seems to be in a hurry...they all like to chat!

Just good fun...

Love and happiness!