Thursday, June 3, 2010

The importance of roots for growth...

So, my journey this past year has been really has been about being free to just explore. And one thing I have learned is that my root system is equally as important as my freedom. I thrive when my roots feel cozy, safe, loved, watered and comfortable...and that is how I am feeling here in Portland.

A friend of mine said to me the other day, 'The grass is always greener...where you water it.' To me, this quote speaks to my current life experience. Where I focus and put my energy, is where the beauty of my experience lies.

Another friend said to me once (I have a lot of amazing friends with GREAT quotes!) 'Bloom where planted'...and that, too, says oodles to me - I have bloomed wherever I have parked my RV in a physical, tangible sense...and yet my true blooming is more of an internal process - and the parking relates to being still, going inside and letting my truth blossom.

So, here I sit in Portland...really happy to be here - and really happy that it is raining out (most people are not very happy about this concept in June!) And, truthfully, I am happy because I am seeing what I want to see these days - I am also feeling a lot of love in my heart - and it seems when there is love, everything else is immaterial...

My blog will likely take a slightly different direction - about me setting up residence here in Portland, maybe even about a special farm/garden/green space I create - and certainly about the amazing people I encounter...and, of course, more of me talking about my personal, internal travels - the explorations into my views on life - now this could be the most fun adventure yet!

Much love and gratitude!