Monday, April 26, 2010

St. Croix!

Well, the much anticipated adventure to St. Croix finally arrived. I had to take a flight - I mean a flight that Ron White would joke about (you know, where the geese are flying by faster than the plane!) I SWEAR the pilot was pedaling like Fred Flinstone - it was a hoot!

St. Croix was definitely full of permie peeps - and great fruit stands...and even a raw food restaurant, if you can believe it! Keep in mind, these islands are uber tiny (15-25 sq miles).

I decided to drive out to the BIG permie farm right when I got there...basically, the 'rainforest' on St. I drove down the road, I found an AMAZING papaya tree (wild, of course) - it must have had 200 papayas on it - crazy! I am not sure how edible they are - but it was sure fun to see (if you click on the image, you might be able to see all the fruities!)

When I got out to the farm, I couldn't find, I just took it all in - beautiful grounds with lots of great sounds - very tranquil. I knew there was another camping site nearby so I headed to that location. The owners were not there - however, I met some wonderful people staying there...they had just completed a 'survival' course - I mean, bare bones survival.

That night I had about 2 hours of sleep...I decided to sleep in the back of my 2 door yaris (oh my!) Well, it wouldn't have been so bad had 3 mosquitoes not decided to join me...the zzzzz in my ear kept me up all night...welcome, to the jungle - we have fun and games.

The next day I headed to the city (about 7 miles away!) :-) I found a great hotel in downtown Christiansted - fabulous - the architecture was divine - lots of renovations going on (in the entire city) - and lots of cool opportunities for growth. The city has a strong European feel to it.

It was a great adventure to go explore the Caribbean - while there was so much to love and embrace - there were 2 major deal breakers for me (from a 'live there' perspective). The first being the is something everyone brought up to me (Law of Attraction - who knows) - it was sad for me to see people not loving on each other more. The other deal breaker was the largest oil refinery in the Western Hemisphere being on the TINY island of St. Croix. The refinery has destroyed most of the coral reef surrounding it...the good aspect is that it brings in a TON of passionate people - from all angles...and that can be a very good thing. For me, right now, visiting is just perfect!

Back to the mainland!

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  1. How sad (refinery). And just after I praised the developing world! Shame on the oil barons who prostitute a poor nation like that!