Monday, April 26, 2010

My adventure filled trip to Portland!

My timing was so spot on...I was on schedule for departure to Oregon and everything fell into place - that is always confirmation for me that I am on the right path...

I headed to Dallas to spend a few days with my loving friends Peggy & Kelli - and my other friends in was great to see 'em all and get caught up. It seems everyone is experiencing LOTS 'o change in their lives...a favorite quote, 'the only thing constant is change'.

I left Dallas and made my way up through to see the country side - and to stop into the famous raw restaurant 105 Degrees...I must say, it was the MOST fancy raw meal I have ever yummy - and a really fresh and bright atmosphere. Who knew you could have raw red velvet cake?????????

I then headed up to my dear childhood friend Stephanie's in was SO great to see her and her beautiful family - her husband, Buck and their kiddos...and of course, her lovely Mama, Anne...Anne and Stephanie are gorgeous Greeks whom I have always admired their exotic beauty - both inside and out.

They gave me a tour of their darling town of Winthrop - and while my stay was short, it was sure nice to see is their puppy wishing me a safe journey.

My next stop was Denver...I was hoping to get to Cheyenne by night time so I only stopped in Denver for a few hours...had to stop at a Whole Foods where Harley decided his best spot to chill was right in front of the driver's seat on the dashboard...I don't think so. :-) Luckily, he was only there for a minute or two!

Having spent a lot of time in Denver due to my software installation days, I now realize I didn't see much of Denver at is full of young, energetic people - kind of a similar feel to Portland. It also feels very 'new' to me - and probably because Denver's huge growth spurt has been more recent...

When I left downtown Denver around 6PM, I made my way North...found a Flying J to park at...and then...the most bizarre thing happened.

Sound asleep at 2AM - I woke up to what I thought was a massive earthquake!! Soon to realize it wasn't an earthquake but rather a woman busting into my truck with her mini-van - likely at around 30 MPH!! WAKE UP!! When I finally came to, I ran outside and she was completely out of it...I sense it was some sort of sleeping pill or something - and luckily there was a witness that saw the whole thing...she 'got up' from sleeping, moved into the drivers seat, left it in reverse for 10 minutes and then hit the gas (in reverse). As my dear friend said, 'only 2 women could get into a car accident while both asleep'! I guess the blessing is that we were both asleep so injuries were kept to a minimum. The sheriff came and blessed the whole event and I headed to the Dodge dealership to see if the road trip could continue. I was given my 'inspection' along the way orders and made a beeline to Oregon.

Once in Oregon, the insurance process kicked into ended up being a 'total' - still working towards resolution - and know that it will resolve perfectly.

Sooo, here I am in Oregon - at a RV park - my parents were so generous to allow me to stay in their RV for my stopover - as one of my neighbor RV'rs (who remembers me from last year) said, 'you have upgraded'!

I look forward to seeing my Portland Peeps! It will be fun spending more time with my Sis and her fam - and my folks!! Tomorrow Auntie Joy picks the kids up from school! :-) Wheeee!

What's next for Waldo??? When I know, I will let you in on it!

Hugs and Love!

Fun in Austin before rolling out!

Being back in Austin sure made me grateful for all that we have here on the mainland - we are soooo blessed with an abundance of EVERYTHING...I mean, seriously, we can find most everything we want - at all times...especially with the internet...not to mention, have it delivered TO OUR DOOR for next to nuthin'.

The first few days back I was in 'task' mode...I had to start selling and downsizing immediately. So, I put my scooter on Craigslist and poof - she was gone in a day! Everything fell into place perfectly.

I spent some wonderful time in great conversation with my dear Austinites before heading back on the road. So, so, SOOO grateful for all of their friendships - Austin is full of special peeps!

I even baked an old-school-have-no-idea-what-I-am-doing apple pie! Michelle said she wanted it covered - but when I tried to put the crust on top, it all fell apart - and so we called it our toupee apple pie...clearly I should stick to raw fruit - simple, simple, simple for this girl!

Before I left, I also lucked out in being able to see Craig Sommer's cob home and self sustained homestead in Bastrop. Wow - it is amazing...from the lake, fruit trees and total design. He had some WWOOFer's there which brought back some fun memories - cool to see all the self sufficiency going on - he is clearly far ahead of the curve - extremely inspiring - and great 'food for thought' for my upcoming road trip!

Next stop...road trippin'!!

Love and hugs to all!

St. Croix!

Well, the much anticipated adventure to St. Croix finally arrived. I had to take a flight - I mean a flight that Ron White would joke about (you know, where the geese are flying by faster than the plane!) I SWEAR the pilot was pedaling like Fred Flinstone - it was a hoot!

St. Croix was definitely full of permie peeps - and great fruit stands...and even a raw food restaurant, if you can believe it! Keep in mind, these islands are uber tiny (15-25 sq miles).

I decided to drive out to the BIG permie farm right when I got there...basically, the 'rainforest' on St. I drove down the road, I found an AMAZING papaya tree (wild, of course) - it must have had 200 papayas on it - crazy! I am not sure how edible they are - but it was sure fun to see (if you click on the image, you might be able to see all the fruities!)

When I got out to the farm, I couldn't find, I just took it all in - beautiful grounds with lots of great sounds - very tranquil. I knew there was another camping site nearby so I headed to that location. The owners were not there - however, I met some wonderful people staying there...they had just completed a 'survival' course - I mean, bare bones survival.

That night I had about 2 hours of sleep...I decided to sleep in the back of my 2 door yaris (oh my!) Well, it wouldn't have been so bad had 3 mosquitoes not decided to join me...the zzzzz in my ear kept me up all night...welcome, to the jungle - we have fun and games.

The next day I headed to the city (about 7 miles away!) :-) I found a great hotel in downtown Christiansted - fabulous - the architecture was divine - lots of renovations going on (in the entire city) - and lots of cool opportunities for growth. The city has a strong European feel to it.

It was a great adventure to go explore the Caribbean - while there was so much to love and embrace - there were 2 major deal breakers for me (from a 'live there' perspective). The first being the is something everyone brought up to me (Law of Attraction - who knows) - it was sad for me to see people not loving on each other more. The other deal breaker was the largest oil refinery in the Western Hemisphere being on the TINY island of St. Croix. The refinery has destroyed most of the coral reef surrounding it...the good aspect is that it brings in a TON of passionate people - from all angles...and that can be a very good thing. For me, right now, visiting is just perfect!

Back to the mainland!