Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ya Mon!!

Greetings from the Caribbean!! YES, the Caribbean...ahh, the only thing constant in my life is truly trip to Thailand was postponed last minute due to civil unrest and suddenly I found myself here - in the Caribbean! :-) Long story...

So, here I am in St. Thomas - in awe of the beauty - and of the greenery...who knew that the US had it's own tropical paradise?!?! And, wow, does it ever!

Today I started my day with my feet in the water - at the heart shaped inlet of
Magen's Bay... did a few yoga poses - watched the waves come plopping in...really lovely -

I had sand on my feet all d ay long - fun!

The energy was wonderful at the beach - it was very early in the morning and there were a lot of people doing their morning exercise - some swimming, some walking on the beach, some jogging - all of them taking in the beauty.

Here i
n St. Thomas, it is a really nice mix of Natives and transplants from the mainland...I am always asking people what they love about the island - to see if I *might* enjoy living here...they all say they love it - and to be aware of 'island fever' - and when it sets in, you just leave for a short period of time - and instantly, you are grateful for where you live - I guess that could be said about any place, really.

The East side is probably my favorite, people wise - it has great energy - lots of music, greenery and happy people...pretty crowded (the island is very small and everyone wants to live here!) The North side...oh, the North side - I found a few farms and picked a few mangoes...shhh...oh my, I could get used to that.

Most of the farms on St. Thomas are on the North side because it is considered the 'rainy' side. Here is a picture of a mango tree - and then of course, my treasure from the tree!! These mangoes are interesting as they are a combo of Champagne and Tommy Atkin's mangoes- the juice was fabulously yummy!

There were tons of banana trees and of course, coconut.

I was greeted by a super cute little iguana today - I was trying to get a closer shot and everytime he scurried off a little faster - if you click on it, it might enlarge....

It is VERY hilly here – some crazy cliffs. I rather enjoy driving on the other side of the road, too – only a few mishaps – all in parking lots prior to be fully engaged in driving…One gal said to me, 'just remember Beyonce's song - to the left, to the left!'

I have to say – it is really a nice balance of mainland USA and 3rd world country here. Here, you get the best of both worlds (other than the high prices). For instance, mail, $$, cell phones, grocery, etc…it is all the same as on the mainland. There is 3rd world feel in some respects (shacks, potholes and poverty) – but it balances out with all of the major pluses. It is like smushing (technical term) an entire city into 13 miles – you would get a mix of everything – we just like to spread out on the mainland so we don’t ‘see’ all that really goes on in a city!

This was the picture from my balcony last night - the cloud formation was fantastic - and the view...well, the view is pretty much amazing everywhere - that is what happens when you are on a 13 mile long rock!! :-)

I am heading to St. John - then Tortola (British) and then....St. Croix - very excited about all - and especially the latter as I found they have a raw food community and are VERY into farming -

Hugs and love!

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