Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tortola...another country?

I made my way to Tortola - supposedly another country - short of Customs and the accents, you would never know...oh, and another fun stamp in my passport!

The ferry was a monster barreling through the water....a great way to travel - a nice breeze with water splashing everywhere!

The people in BVI (British Virgin Islands) were very friendly and helpful - and their accents super fun.

Roadtown - the primary city on Tortola is a bustling money scene (oodles of banks) - as it is an offshore tax haven. Even a few CPA firms - KPMG and the like.

This was my first stop to Couch Surf - very cool experience. I was sitting in a bar at Cane Garden (where, Mark, my CS mate lives - when around Brits, you use their language). There were a ton of drunk American's in this bar - EXACTLY what you would picture in the Caribbean - the music was perfect...even a guy got up with a tie that he could play - lots o' giggles. I was busted by the singer for not boozing it up - he said, 'water is no good - this is why we call it 'happy' hour'...

That night my CS host connected us with a gaggle of other friends and couch surfers. We went to the local bowling alley - after a great game of air hockey and fun bowling, we had a great conversation around the Brits and their view on the US (my inquisitive nature had to ask the completely non-PC questions!) Their responses were not what I expected - and it was good to hear their point of view!

I found more fruit on the road, as well - at least I thought...I found a woman selling DELISH papayas from her yard - and then poof, she was gone! No more local produce for miles - drat!

My time in Tortola was really nice - and the British accents were wonderful...good time.


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