Thursday, March 11, 2010

The POWER of the White Elephant!!

So, for my lovely friend & Sista Michelle's b-day - she said, 'the only thing that is for certain is the White Elephant Exchange'...NORMALLY, I don't get that into these gift exchanges - probably something about my typical allergic reaction to 'more stuff'. However, because it was HER b-day and because ALL birthday girl's should have ALL wishes granted...the White Elephant Exchange was on the docket...ugh.

3 words...I got skooled.

Man, the White Elephant exchange was the BEST ever - and mainly because people know how to play. I had been so 'heady' in the past around these exchanges - wanting to 'please' and get something someone would original plan was to sit this one out...

Then Michelle walks in...'oh, let's create a bunch of extras just in case someone doesn't bring a gift' (typical Michelle fashion - ALWAYS looking out for everyone else!) We start going around all our potential goodwill stuff - she starts pulling out hammers, VHS machines, etc - I tell ya, I couldn't believe she would package this stuff...

And then the party started...and then the exchange...oh my. When I finally let go of my head, I realized being in the moment of just being goofy is SO important and what LIFE is all about...the laughter started - and I couldn't stop - I had that belly-hurt-so-good-I-can't-stop-even-with-a-fire-alarm-laugh....oooh, it was advice for party - add in a White Elephant Exchange and just go wild - something super goofy - have fun and LAUGH!! :-)


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