Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stepping out on a limb...

Such a fitting title for this past year. Since I sold my home (and much of my 'stuff') last March, I made a personal commitment to live out side of the 'box' (who am I kidding - this has been my life MO!) More specifically, this past year, it has been my focus to stay open, to see signs and to really trust that everything always works out.

I have seen clearly that there are no 'accidents' in my life...whether I call it destiny or coincidence, it matters me.

Being open is now such an important part of whom I have become...extraordinary opportunities and possibilities come into my life on a very regular basis - when I allow them in.

I have many exciting gems up my sleeve for 2010....they are all in the incubation stage and you can be certain, when they start to manifest, you will be the first to be notified! Let's just say, they involve a big move, another ride in the rig and a reunion - and not necessarily in that order! I am bubbling inside with excitement!

As I continue to set sail on this great adventure, I embark on a trek to Thailand in a few weeks. It is my desire to bring you all along with me via my blog - to taste the delight of my first durian while feeling the vibe of the culture and it's people. I will be going with my friend, Pete, who is building a school and orphanage - we will be visiting monasteries with orphanages and assessing viable doubt an adventure.

Living my dreams and loving the ride with y'all!!