Friday, December 4, 2009

She's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

Howdy Everyone!

I am back - back in Austin and back writing on my blog!! :-) Thought it was time for another update!
Right before I left my folks, we had a fun birthday party for Jim, my parent's neighbor and dear friend! For his birthday, my mom and I crafted this pumpkin carving of their little puppy, Mini. It was a lot of fun turning the creativity-buttons on..and then when it all lit up, it was worth every ounce of effort!!

A few little tidbits from my return ride....

Ashland - this town is sooo fabulous and delightful. I had fun with my friend, Pete and then meeting a new friend Kimberly...just a blast of conversation, steam baths and a wonderful Coop! It may be another destination for next summer!

In California, I was drooling most of the was the perfect time of year for farm stops - well, that is if you are obsessed with figs, persimmons and grapes! :-) Soo, needless to say, I enjoyed the great fruits of the season...and when driving, there is nothing like a great pit stop at a farm for some fresh foodies. California also provided fabulous driving surprises there.

It was such a smooth ride until I tried to pushed it to the next Arizona, I was really pushing it - and, in trying to find a place to stay. I pulled over on the side of the road. When I got out of my truck, all I heard was a VERY loud hissing - In a panic, I tried to get Harley out of the rig (I was thinking gas leak!) until I realized it was my tired deflating...and deflating fast. Apparently, I pulled over right onto a GI-normous piece of metal. I am so grateful for my Geico roadside service -they have been sooo very good to me. :-) I also learned how to change a tire and it was far easier than I had

Arizona reclaimed herself that night by giving me this beautiful moon shot, a perfectly peaceful state park and a warm cozy shower!

I ended up having a few free sleepovers along the way...this one picture was in New Mexico at a rest stop...I was in a 'semi-sandwich' so I felt very, very safe. Although, the truck next to me had their truck running all night..and what for? I have no flipping idea - it would have made the night all the more perfect if they had just turned it off for a few hours!

Being back in Austin has been really wonderful...reconnecting with my dear friends, meeting new ones - getting settled in my RV...and making fun plans for the holidays and New Year!

All of my original travel plans have since changed (of course!) I really wanted to slow down my 'movement' at least for a few months. I do have one trip planned (still part of that free package from last year!) to Portland in January...other than that, I am planted here for a bit!

I will keep you posted on all the goodies I encounter!

Love you all,