Friday, October 23, 2009


Well, I am living la vida loco CoNTraSt! When I wasn’t looking, it appeared. It said, ‘Joy, I need you to learn to trust and be patient’. Oh my! Contrast seems to appear when I am embedded in 3d life…

Some of you may be wondering what I mean by ‘contrast’ – for me, it represents that which is not desired….and, of course, I could argue it is exactly that which is needed because more learning and growing comes from contrast than perfect flow…confused? Well, basically, contrast for me means diesel truck issues, business drama and travel logistical challenges.

As I know, the steps are simple for shifting…design my dream scenario, focus on solution and then get into gratitude…and fast. The recipe is that simple and yes, super fabulous.

My current desire is to have my truck running smoothly, to head to Austin next week, to stop in Dallas along the way for a conference, to come back to Portland for the holidays and to make my way to Thailand in January…and all along that journey, to soak up all the goodness of the people and the places I am blessed to encounter and experience!

Currently, I am at my folks in Sunriver – and I am SO grateful for this time with them – it has been really nice time..relaxing, some good giggles, some great friends and lots accomplished. I have the most amazing parents – they are so wise, caring and wonderful. Both of them are doing well and happy…it is all a kid can ask for! And, of course, I am grateful that Harz is over here with me – he is such a bundle of black, furry joy.

A most appropriate quote that arrived in my ‘inbox’ today:
Make the best of it. When you make the best of whatever you're focused upon, your future will be better than your now. If each moment you're making the best of what-is, no matter what it is, you make the best of it; make the best of it; make the best of it—your future just gets better and better and better, and better.

Till we fire up the engine…