Saturday, September 19, 2009

Did I mention RV parks are interesting??

Just had to share...a fun experience for all. The look on 'lil Nephew Nate's face was priceless - I have never seen a kid so happy!! If I could have only captured the bird saying 'Howdy' and 'Good bye' - Fabulous-o! Ahhhh, all in a day at a RV park! :-)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Just a squirrel looking for a nut...

Just a squirrel looking for a first boyfriend used to always use this phrase - while I am CERTAIN he was not using it in the way I like to imagine it in my nature filled world - BUT I still like it. Heehee.

A new favorite past time of is so fabulous...are you ready? There is this whole underground community that forages fruit trees...trees that linger over sidewalks or are planted on public land and even some in people's yards that they consider a 'nuisance'.

A fruit tree? A nuisance? How dare...

The story goes like this - I was at New Seasons (local grocery) - the clerk and myself were discussing our love of figs - she proceeded to tell me she was stalking a tree down the road - Figs? Portland? I never knew...sooo, she shared with me this secret underground community. The love affair started right then and there - people post where the fruit/veggie is and whether you need to ask the owner or if it is on public property or if you have competition (there is a whole network of wildlife stalking these trees, too - drat!)

The search for these trees is even MORE like a treasure hunt than the bike trails here in Portland...because at the end of the hunt, there is a big prize (usually) - huge, tree ripened goodness! BTW, most urban cities have these websites so you can all participate (unless, of course you live in AZ...maybe you could stalk Agave or something).

Moral of the story...I have been living on free plums and pears this week...AND know there is an abundance of fig trees about to ripen in the next 2 weeks (we can thank the Italians that immigrated here - that is why there are so many fig trees in Inner SE - cool history!) You can be certain, I will be there for this fabulously fun event!

I encourage you to look at all the trees around you - what is growing nearby? Can you feed yourself? There is a sense of freedom in knowing that I always have that option of eating for free...and well, we ALL know how much I LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUV a bargain!

Just a squirrel looking for a nut over here...

Love and abundance!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Colorful Nature of RV Parks!

Most of this time on the road I have had the pleasure of staying in RV Parks - they are definitely a snap shot into good ol' Americana. A number of times I have wanted to break out into 'Jack & Diane' by John Cougar....or better yet, even a Willie Nelson song would be more fitting.

I have even toyed with getting a video cam and filming - doing a documentary on the very nature of RV Parks...they are THAT interesting! From the Horse RV park I stayed at (where it smelled as though the horse was ON my trailer), to the RV park where I was clearly the 'new folk' in town...the first 'outsider' they had seen in them there just last week when the Dog Show rolled into town.

Please note the puff sculpturing of the puppy's rear end...classic (the purple material is 'dog rollers'). Cool story about the gal with this puppy (living next door to me). She is 18 years old and had a dream when she was 12 to show poodles at Westminster. She made it there that same year - and has been back every year since. She is a top dog handler and professional and only 18 years old! This puppy is expected to take top honors at Westminster - cool stuff.

Anyway, back to the very nature of the parks...they are definitely colorful - and have given me an appreciation for the variety our country allows (and creates!) RV parks really do mix all types. There are high end high rollers next door to some good country folk who are next to the people that just got kicked out of their home and have no place to go...truly a mix of every class in America.

I find it a treat to experience such a microcosm of our society - all in a few acres of land...and you know what is even better about it?!? They all just get along.

Happy Trails,


Flowing with Life...

I have realized recently that my plans have shifted - while not completely different, reading my older blogs, my focus is different. It is as though the stream made a turn...I am still in the same stream - just going around a bend.

I like to make it 'dreaming', if you will - AND with those dreams, I always stay open to them changing..inevitably, they always do - and I am not shocked or rattled by this anymore. ;-) I have entered a time in my life when I LOVE change - like putting a present in front of a 3 year old - I find change that exciting - what is in this big juicy present..CHANGE! Yippee!

My original plan for this journey was to set sail and visit organic farms and volunteer - WWOOF'ing. I still have that 'in' my plan yet it is no longer my entire plan or focus.

I can clearly see what this original plan has taught me about is that I must always be giving back or volunteering - when I give back and am in service, I feel a sense of purpose. When I am strictly in my own 'world of needs', I find it more challenging to connect with my sense of purpose.

I am volunteering every week here in Portland - and that works for me right now. What kind of volunteering doesn't really matter to me, actually - it is just about being unattached and giving my time to some other cause than my own...besides, I find the people I meet when I am volunteering are all so happy and easy - everyone is there through their desire and not to pay bills or make rent (caveat, I haven't met any court mandated volunteers yet but even then, I sense they will be enjoying themselves!)

Sooo, my next 3 months will include service and volunteering - as I plan to stay here in Portland through the end of October...I have chosen to stay here as I also feel a need for more stability in my life - living on wheels is fabulous - from time to time, stability calls.

Then, in November, I head to Austin (via plane) - and then off to Costa Rica and Nicaragua for 4 weeks. I am visiting the property we have in CR - and some friends there - as well, I am visiting an intentional community in Nicaragua...this community is built around a new 'model' for community - it is a service oriented community that has an 1000 girl orphanage on site - as well as an organic farm (20 acres dedicated right now), a healing center, their own currency - and the model is such that the entire project will be self sustained - meaning, no hook ups to municipal power, etc - all naturally powered. It should be quite the adventure. I will, of course, keep you posted.

Hope this post finds everyone enjoying this delightful summer - and ready for the Fall - leaves changing, nights getting cooler, school back in, fun, fun!

The full moon is a sight for all to see - it is free entertainment if you look out right now (skip the TV for the moon tonight!) :-)