Sunday, August 23, 2009

Holy Guacamole!!!

Wow - I can't believe it has been OVER a month since I wrote last...what is wrong with me??? Right, right...enjoying summer! :-)

Well, Portland has been an absolute delight for me - no doubt, a roller coaster, but I am sticking with an 'overall delight'.

Let's see...since I wrote last, I have volunteered with the elderly and a few local gardens/farms, volunteered at the Portland Farmer's Market, seen my amazing and wonderful friends, enjoyed my sis and family moving back to Portland, turned a family in to CPS, moved my rig around a few times, found a couple of 'healers' that are my Angels, done some serious personal growth work, got a new sexy bumper for my trailer, seen my dear friend Jen's new baby boy Parker, met up with some high school friends, went to Multnomah Falls with some Austin friends (shout out to Stephen & Elizabeth!!), gone on lots of luscious hikes, rode my scooter all around town, rode my bike all around town (Portland is the BEST biking town!), started a regular Bikram Yoga practice, started a 21 day liver/gallbladder flush (will share in another post), made some yummy sauerkraut, started eating soil (wink, wink...for rizzle), decided to stay in Portland a bit longer and continue my healing progress (while I have momentum, I am staying on the tracks!) annnnd booked a trip to Austin, Costa Rica & Nicaragua...and to think, those are just the surface highlights!

In all honesty, it has been a roller coaster - the highs have been/are super highs and the lows..well, we will just not talk about them as they are in the past. Life is great, my family is great, my friends are great, my health is great (yippee!)...I promise to be better at keeping in touch.

Peace, love and happy sunshine coming your way!! August is a great month - people are in vacation mode - which means they are all so happy!