Sunday, July 5, 2009

Spending Time in Nature...

Well, I am back in the BIG city (Portland, OR)...I have been here a week now - it feels good to be here - but I realized today that I need to connect with Nature more often (especially after spending the fabulous month with the Wilderness Lady in Northern Washington!) Big cities tend to have a powerful energy - it is easy to get lost in the sea of concrete and busy-ness.

My RV location is right under the PDX flight path...I actually am enjoying it - the power of these silver bullets 'lifting' into the air really amazes me. Clearly physics wasn't my best subject because I still find it miraculous that these tanks can pretend to be birds..but what do I know. This RV location is pretty cool as I am on the Columbia River - I can bike along Marine Drive enjoying the water flowing on one side and watching the planes take off above me...One thing I have noticed with the planes is the delay in their sound - the power & visual of the plane shoots past me on my bike...and a second later, the sound goes on by...this brings so many analogies to mind - in particular, the wake we can leave in our path if we have a strong burst of happiness or sadness or anger or laughter or anything...really just a strong burst of any kind of has a ripple effect on everything around us. Anyway, planes are fascinating to me. ;-) Go spend a month in Nature, you will start having these visualizations when reemerging back to society!! (Remember, I am Fred Flinstone this week! Or, I guess Betty is more like it - not Wilma - Betty..a cave woman in a big city!) Heehee!

Okay, back to, I have spent a week in concrete land to wake up this morning inspired into a lovely hike in Forest Park (see amazing pic Keith took of a stone structure in the park) was fabulous - the running water, the power of green - but most importantly, the connection that I felt towards certain parts of Nature - some people are probably inspired by birds, by the water, by a fern, a stone or even certain smells..or whatever tickles your Nature Boat. For me, it was CRYSTAL clear that I am currently really connected to the roots of trees. The power I felt when I saw one uprooted tree was overwhelming - in fact, I found myself having to take a few deep breaths around it. What does that symbolize for me? Can I relate to a tree that is uprooted? How do my roots play a role in my life? These are all very powerful questions for me - and by spending time in Nature, I found some unanswered questions I have had about my life suddenly were answered...I even had a vision of being a trail help share this power of our connection to Nature...oh, how I love to manifest. ;-)

What do you find yourself connected to in Nature? Do you take enough time to find out? To me, spending time in Nature is as necessary to our lives as clean air and water.

Volunteering Update - this week I am serving the elderly food (hoping to serve them fresh fruits and veggies - if not, I might have to put some Veggie Love on the chefs to start whipping them up some yummy veggies!) I am also doing a building/salvage project with the local rebuilding center...should be a nice variety. As well, I went to the farmer's market on Saturday and have a list of local farms so I will be contacting them to find a spot to get my hands in the soil again.

Thoughts I Ponder - Why do I like pink more and more the older I get? How can people not like artichokes (Kristen), especially the hearts?

General Life Stuff - I am having so much fun seeing all my beautiful friends here in Portland (Holly, Greg, Sarah, Keith, Jen, Julie, Kristen, Lisa - love you all!!) Anyone else want to go for a hike in P-town?? Let's connect!! I also got to see my sis and bro-in-law and their new home this past week - yippee! All good fun! Harley has gotten out a few times because this park is overrun with squirrels and cats...he busts out of the screen door to go get him some action! This week I will be working on getting my scooter running...yes, the color is correct on the screen...giggles. I also need to get a hitch welded to my truck or RV - looking for some good leads in that dept. Have to get a new cell phone, too, so I can be in the year 2009. Annnnnd, looking forward to seeing more of my lovely P-town peeps! All is well!