Friday, June 26, 2009

She’s on the Road Again…

Well, it is time for me to leave beautiful Northern Washington (can I just complain for a second about the rain…okay, okay…never mind). Anyway, wow – what a great experience! As our fabulous German friends would say, ‘BIG NATURE’. Sums up my experience here in Washington! Really freakin’ BIG NATURE.

Not only have I learned a LOT about myself – I have learned so much about Natural Hygiene and the simple way of living/eating/being…pretty cool. I have also been entertained for a month by one of the most colorful characters I have ever met in my life!! Her name is Victoria Bidwell and she runs this Retreat – she is the absolute Wilderness Lady – her life reads like a Hollywood movie – only better (it would take me 10 pages to even get started…) And she tells the stories even more dramatically - not shy with her fabulous hooting and hollering and 'are we having fun yet' exclamations!! Hilarious!!!

The fasting experience was so different than my first…it was really simple, drama free and pretty peaceful…and no sneaking out in the middle of the night to escape and no scavenging the Panamanian airport for anything that resembled food! The first bite (watermelon) was fantastically delightful – that first bite really does make the fast worthwhile – to feel our senses so crisp and refreshed – yippee! I think this might be an annual event – maybe not as many days – but it is sure nice living so simply.

Not being hooked up to a full service RV site did provide some challenges…yes, I did have to empty my black water a few times – if I had a video, you would all think I had lost my mind (maybe some of you feel that way without the need for a video?!?! Hmmm). There was no #2 so it made it a lot easier and of course, no hills nor outhouses…piece of cake, right? Well, except for the time I dumped it while feeling rather weak and forgot to push OUT when turning the bucket over…ending up with half of it on my foot – I guess the chickens prepared me for crap on my feet!!

On Sunday, I am heading back to Portland…will be parking my rig there for a month-ish. I am planning to really enjoy the summer here (did someone say 80 degrees – yeah, baby!)…it will give me time to see my folks and family – and all my lovely friends without rushing. I have found some local farms/CSA’s that will take me in to keep my hands in the soil, learning and growing…but I am not going to kid any of you – I am going to play more than volunteer! ;-)

Sooo, wish me luck on Sunday…the transition back into civilization after a fast is kind of like Fred Flintstone driving his stone car smack dab into the middle of a shopping mall…he would probably feel a little out of place, a tad overwhelmed by the man-made sensory stimulation and a general disconnect with what is going on in the current world. I will make particular note of this transition – should be quite entertaining (for you guys, at least – not me!!!)

The stories will continue, no doubt…stay tuned.

Love to you all,
This pic is of my fancy meal I made yesterday - a gingery citrus beet dip with veggies...tasty treats! As most of you know, I am not a fancy kinda gal but this was super fun fancy!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Body Signals

Greetings! I will not be posting much more until I start hitting the farms again...I realize most of you are interested in my farm adventures and not my fasting tangents! ;-) Speaking of farms, I have some really cool farms lined up between here and September so I look forward to sharing those adventures with y'all.

In the meantime, I thought this was a really important message to relay...

With fasting comes rest - it is just part of the process - if you don't eat and don't rest, you are not fasting...sooo, I have joyfully taken to the resting aspect of fasting. In fact, so much so that I might even make it a yearly event - maybe for 5 days or less...just a time to recharge. Most of my rest includes, reading a chapter of a book, napping for 30-60 minutes, reading a chapter of a book, napping for 30 minutes..yes, life is good. ;-)

Okay, onto my point. Body Signals. Our bodies are constantly talking to us - they are giving us signals every minute of the day. No dis-ease comes out of no where - most take years and years to manifest...there were signals all along the way - Headaches, body aches, coughs, rough nails, dry skin, skin breakouts, lots of colds, tiredness, blurred vision, hearing loss, bloating, indigestion....these are not simply life annoyances - these are gifts - windows into our insides - they are our body saying, 'hey, pay attention, peeps'. These are all the start of dis-ease. And very important to hear/feel/observe...and not suppress.

When we suppress these 'body conversations' with aspirin, anti acids, cosmetic cover ups, massages, stimulants, etc...we are not removing the cause - it is like a baby trying to communicate with us through crying - when we don't take time to really assess what the crying is about and we just stick a pacifier in their mouth, it is very similar to ignoring the conversation our body is trying to have with us. There is a reason the baby is crying (yes, it is not just to drive us crazy!)...same for the signals our own body gives us everyday. It may be wanting rest, relief from stress, better nutrition, less/more food, lighter schedule, fresh air, more water, laughter...there are a number of things we could need! We are all unique.

I bring this up because one of the draws I have had to fast again relates to some of the 'symptoms' I have been having the last few years - between my skin, my digestion, my hair, and more - I just have not felt that I have been experiencing perfect health - and I know it is not hard to get there when I am able to break it down to the root causes...

When I got here, I started reading and watching videos only to realize how wise my body is and the major mistakes I had been making with my diet- avoiding nuts and some sidelined stress/emotions in my life. I always felt that nuts were too high in fat and protein to fit into what I 'thought' was the proper diet. However, upon taking the time to read and research here (specifically the research of a very well known Hygienic doctor, Dr. Vetrano, who is bright and sharp in her 80's today), I realized that every symptom my body was giving me pointed to the fact that I was really missing this part of my a big way. The cool thing is after a week of adding nuts and seeds back into my diet, I should see a significant difference and improvement in it all...for sure, part of me thinks, forget this fast, now I have the answers, lets go try and see if it works! But, I have come this far, I will go a bit further as I do have repair work to do internally and have already received some major benefits from fasting...

Some of the benefits I have experienced so far include my skin completely clearing up - I have no little bumps on my forehead and the rest of my face is pretty darn smooth...we are headed in the right direction. I also feel much more emotional poise - more relaxed and peaceful and loving - sometimes that is just about taking a break - but I have a feeling it relates to internal cleansing as well....removing toxic build up of negative emotions and self talk - it can stay in our fat cells for years.

I am certain from here on out I will take any signal my body gives me as a VERY important window into my insides...I encourage everyone to lay in bed tonight and just hear your body...hear what it is telling you - if you don't know what the signal means, seek the information - if you don't know what your headache is about, start looking for answers (don't take aspirin, feel the message - feel the pain - get the answers) - if you aren't sure about that bump on your arm, start looking for answers - before you know it, you will be living dis-ease free because you have taken the extra time to hear and remove causes...

Lots of love - from Harley and I!


Friday, June 5, 2009

Fasting = Patience

Well, most of you know, stick with me long enough, and my course will eventually change!

Sooo, I arrived here on Monday - and realized how relaxing this place is - watched some videos on fasting (I was truly mesmerized!) And low and behold, here I am...on another fast! Ha! I will resume my farm work next month.

This fast feels so different than my Panama adventure (which, BTW, I am going to add all of those posts to this blog) - it feels sooo relaxing, peaceful and nearly perfect (I sleep in my own bed, have Harz by my side, am left alone to process my own way, no drama around me, etc). I have this sense of pure bliss and gratitude. I rest after any activity...go the bathroom, lay down, read a chapter, lay down, go outside and stretch, lay down...can you imagine?? How many of you would give for an extra 5 hours of sleep each day? It is a treat everyone should give themselves at least once in their lifetime!

After the 4 videos I have now watched on fasting I am convinced it is the road to health...I am an official Natural Hygiene is a very simple way of living - but so powerful. I also see so clearly now the errors I have made in the past with my diet - I really look forward to shifting things when I return from this fast and seeing how vibrant my health can be.

Most people understand very little about fasting - they just can't imagine missing 1 meal, let alone going many days without food! So, obviously they fear it. But if you could see the things people have recovered from just from a 5-25 day is truly amazing, so simple, such a gift. It is also very, very easy - after the first 24-48 hours, it is a cake wake...errr Nature Walk. ;-) We lose our sensation of hunger so it is purely resting (besides, that which we think is hunger is not truly hunger...true hunger is in the throat and has a similar feeling to thirst - most Americans have never felt such a thing!! Myself included!)

Imagine, no drugs, no doctor's visits...and sleep ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL you want - no interruptions...and voila, you are healed of anything and everything - yes, even diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

I thought I would share the view I enjoy every afternoon...relaxed and peaceful as ever. I just lay on the grass looking up.

No doubt, I am slowing down a bit - but will try and blog this process so others can understand fasting better...

The video that I think everyone should watch is 'Fasting can save your life'. They have some used ones on in VHS form - and some new ones in DVD for slightly more. The link might break, too, so you may need to piece it together.

Much love to y'all!


PS Harz is definitely entertaining me with his hammy-ways.